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Improve Your Recruitment Hit-Rate to 90%

Achieve 30% Savings on Recruitment Costs 
Recruiting the right talen for the safety and mission critical software domains is extremely challenging and requires high level of expertise from the recruiting team. Key challenges include:

  • Shortlisting the right resumes for interviews from a mountain of profiles
  • Selection of BEST FIT talent within time frame to make them available to projects
  • High cost of recruitment

Vihanga has a different approach to this challenge. Our team enables you to recruit the right candidates with right skills and attitude. Our management team has decades of industry experience in this domain and a strong database of ready-to-hire engineers.

Our Services

We develop Job Description focused on the short and medium term projects needs of Customers
We use scientific and measurable techniques in screening resumes from our large database of experts.
We use proven interview techniques to get the most suitable resumes as a fist pass
Our next level of interview uses a baseline methodology to shortlist most suitable candidates mapped to the Job Description
Shortlisted candidates’ resumes along with our assessment details are shared with Customers for a final selection.
We recommend“Close fit to Best Fit” candidates and provide detailed inputs w.r.t the short orientation training required for these candidates.


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