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Dear Sreeram,

The engineers trained by your company were matching with the industry expectation and were able to quickly adapt to project and deliver as per the customer expectations.
We are extremely happy with the engineers trained by your company. The training seems to cover the relevant topics that is actually needed for the upcoming projects.
The learning curve is quick and were able to exceed the expectations of the project.

Thanks & Regards

Bhargavi S
Group Project Manager
HCL Technologies Ltd.

Dear Sreeram,

I am writing to thank you for being one of our most trusted training partners of QuEST
We are delighted by the quality of your services and appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism in business.
You are very reliable and thanks to this, we have managed to keep our customers satisfied & achieve the business goals.
The Quality of technical training provided by you are par excellent compared the market standards.
Engineers trained by you could deliver the required quality of work within short span of time.
Thanks for providing the follow up sessions without any extra cost. This is a clear value add.
Keep up the good job. Thank you so much, and we will be looking forward to an excellent continuing business relationship.

Kind Regards,
Hemanth Kumar B
Deputy Manager – Consulting Services
QuEST Global Engineering Service Pvt. Ltd.,


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